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Guy Santangelo

I’ve been looking for a true “guitar guy” for the past few years. Since then, I’ve had work done by a couple of shops, but was never completely satisfied with the outcome. Often, I found myself re-tweaking the setup after paying for the work.

I’d heard about Chris Matos through the grapevine and I figured I’d go see if he was the real deal. I recently brought him one of my older USA Jackson’s for evaluation. I contacted Chris via Facebook and we set up an appointment for me to stop by. This particular guitar was unplayed for a significantly long time and needed fret work. As soon as Chris looked at the guitar, he recommended a partial refret along with a complete setup.

Personally, I’ve never been comfortable with an instrument once it has been refretted, but I figured it I wasn’t happy I would sell it. I picked up the guitar this past Saturday and I was completely blown away by his craftsmanship. His installation, crowning and finishing was of the highest quality, and in fact, surpassed the original factory job! The action and playability of the instrument surpassed my expectations as the guitar is more resonant and notes rang and sustained more than ever. I completely worked the guitar by doing extended bends and aggressively shaking the note to see if it would fret out. It did not.

I used the guitar at a gig that evening and was so amazed by its performance that I played it the whole night. I showed the guitar to my bandmate for his opinion of the fret job, and he was as impressed as I with the quality of Chris’s work. What was an old, forgotten backup guitar is now one of my top players, thanks to Chris.

I apologize for the long-winded review, but I really want to give Chris the proper respect for his expertise, passion and craftsmanship. Chris is not your average guitar tech, he is a true artisan and a master of his craft – a luthier.

Mike Cantor

Chris has no match as a luthier, a veritable guitar whisperer nearing the peak of his abilities. His genuine excitement for what he does is palpable. His approach focuses on the player’s style and needs, rather than just the instrument. He is the epitome of honest and fair, and his shop is downright jaw dropping. Couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thanks Chris!!

Paul Zerner

Chris has done exemplary work on two of my guitars, a rare Framus semi-hollow body and a newish Tele/Esquire parts guitar. The Framus, an oddball guitar from 1972, needed a thorough cleaning and setup, including going through its somewhat arcane electronics. Chris was painstaking in his approach, salvaging all original parts whenever possible. The guitar now looks and sounds fantastic. The guy I bought the Tele from on Reverb basically misrepresented (caveat emptor) that guitar and the neck on it was unusable. Chris fitted a new neck, which needed finishing. I was extremely impressed with the work Chris did – the new neck salvaged the guitar. Not only did Chris methodically apply numerous coats of shellac, which brought out the exquisite grain of the mahogany neck, but he took pains to use an all natural product. Chris is an exceptional luthier who goes the extra mile to get the job right, and truly cares about his customers. It would have been easier to use a quick-drying finish on the neck, but out of an abundance of caution re the potential of cancer causing chemicals in such products, Chris opts for a more labor intensive approach with a natural product. Think about it – a guitarist will be handling a guitar neck for thousands of hours – why finish it with a product that may contain harmful chemicals? Chris works on each instrument as though he’d be playing it himself, and the attention to detail and extra effort put forth really shows. He’ll also take the time to discuss in detail any issues with your guitar. I recommend Chris without reservation, and don’t know why anyone in the area would choose anyone else to work on their guitar.

Mike Zupa

Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. He definitely knows his stuff and does great work. Fair prices, and he made sure my guitar was in perfect shape before giving it back to me. This is someone who really shows pride in his work.

He repaired a torn off bridge on my 12 string, and it sounds just like it did before. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs instruments serviced.

Car Bomb Parade

Chris is honest and super knowledgeable when it comes to guitars. Choosing someone to work on a guitar is like finding the right mechanic for your car. You want the work to be quality without getting ripped off. Chris offers both of those: fair prices and fast professional work. He set up two of my guitars, and they sound phenomenal now. On top of that, he was honest in his feedback about the quality of the guitars I brought in.

He also builds custom guitars from the ground up if you’re interested in that. As I said, the guy knows what he’s doing, and I give him the highest of recommendations.

Michael Feeney

If it has strings and wood. Chris is your guy! He is a true master of his craft ! He set up a 12 string for me a few weeks ago. And did a last minute adjustment to my 6 string before a family Christmas party. Chris is a super nice guy who does phenomenal work at a fair price. Worth stopping by if you just want to talk guitars

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